When is the best time to schedule my session?
It is very important to schedule your session as soon as possible. Although I make every effort to fit in last minute newborn session requests, my schedule does fill up quickly and once it is full, I can't always guarantee a spot. Once you are on the schedule, you will be given priority for scheduling when your baby arrives.

When is the best time for newborn sessions to take place?
The sooner the better! I choose to only photograph newborns under 10 days old. My style of curled up, cozy, sleepy babies are best captured when they are still in that sleepy newborn baby state.

What should we wear? What should baby wear?
All of my family/sibling shots are done in front of a cream backdrop so really any color will work.

Where will the session take place? Where is your studio?
My in-home studio is located in Draper. It has beautiful natural light. I do not travel for newborn sessions.

How long will the session last?
Newborn sessions are very unpredictable. It depends entirely on the baby and if you are doing family shots as well. The session can last anywhere from 2-4 hours so please plan accordingly.

Do I have to be in the pictures as well?
I know you just gave birth and are not feeling your most beautiful, but I definitely think you should! Of course, it is always your decision but just remember that I can work wonders with retouching dark circles (from those sleepless nights), camouflaging problem areas, and bringing out your natural beauty!

Anything else I need to know?
Right next to patience and the newborn having a full, settled tummy, the temperature in the room is the next most critical factor to having a successful newborn session. I like to keep the room very warm and will have a space heater on for the entire length of the session. Please remember that baby was just in a 96 degree temp. womb. To get baby in their most relaxed state, I will, in a sense, re-create that environment with the room temperature, white noise, and tight cuddled poses. Also, remember that while we are dressed, baby is naked. A newborn's body temp isn't yet stable and can easily fluctuate. If they are working to keep themselves warm, they lose calories and this makes for an unsettled, cranky, and continually hungry baby. Please remember to dress lightly for your session. I want Mommy and Daddy to be comfortable too!