Channel press is a sort of filtration gear utilized for strong fluid partition of different suspensions, regularly utilized in mineral handling plants for concentrate and tailings dewatering activities. After a significant stretch of activity, most mineral handling plants will experience pretty much different disappointments, which not just influence the ordinary activity of the whole plant, yet in addition harm the monetary proficiency of the mineral handling plants.

All in all, what are the normal deficiencies in the every day activity of the channel press? While experiencing these issues, how might we address them? In this paper, we dissect the reasons for the eight normal issues of channel presses and give the comparing arrangements.

Harm to the plate edge of the channel press itself

The fundamental driver of harm to the plate edge of the channel press are as per the following: when the mud is excessively thick or there is a dry square abandoned, it is not difficult to cause the stock port to be obstructed, and the main strain left between the channel plates is that of the water powered framework itself, when the actual plate is amazingly simple to make harm due delayed tension; when the feed is lacking or when the feed contains improper strong particles, it will likewise make the plate outline itself be overemphasized or harmed; assuming the stream outlet is hindered by solids or when beginning If the inventory/release valve is shut during start-down, there is no place for the strain to disappear to make harm the channel press outline; and in the event that the channel plate isn’t cleaned completely, it might make the media spill. When released, the edge of the channel press plate edge will be affected with a little channel, and a lot of media spillage will definitely make the strain neglect to rise, in this manner forestalling the arrangement of mud cake.


  1. utilizing a cleaning scrubber made of nylon to painstakingly wipe out the mud from the feed opening.
  2. diminish the volume of the channel plate.
  3. cautiously check whether there is an issue with the channel material, trailed by checking whether the cleaning waste opening is smooth, checking whether the power source is smooth, opening the relating pressure valve and delivering the tension.
  4. cautiously perfect and fix the channel plate.

Water leakage between the plate and edge of the channel press

At the point when the water driven tension is low, wrinkles show up on the channel material, holes show up on the channel fabric or there are obscure articles molded like squares on the fixing surface, the peculiarity of water leakage between the channel press plates and edges is probably going to happen as of now.


  1. increment the tension of the water powered strain correspondingly.
  2. supplanting the channel fabric in time filter press china once wrinkles or holes show up on the channel material.
  3. Utilize a nylon scrubber to eliminate the unidentified knots from the fixing surface on schedule.

Lopsided channel cake or trouble in shaping channel cake

At the point when the feed size is too little, the fixation is too low, the stockpile isn’t adequate or the power source is hindered, lopsided dissemination of the channel cake is probably going to happen, hence making it hard to frame a channel cake.


  1. advance the feed circumstance by suitably expanding or lessening the recharging of the feed as per the real circumstance.
  2. to work really hard of convenient and careful cleaning of the blockage, the inventory opening, the waste opening, the channel material, and so forth, and to supplant the channel fabric if important.
  3. increment the strain or siphon power, low tension beginning and steady tension increment.

The activity of the channel plate is slow or simple to tumble off

In some cases, a lot of oil and stain on the aide bar will cause the channel plate of the channel press to move gradually and may even tumble off, which is extremely perilous.


  1. expeditiously perfect the oil and stain on the aide bar and apply oil to guarantee its lubricity to stay away from mishaps.
  2. It is completely illegal to lube the aide bar with dainty oil. An excess of slight oil can undoubtedly cause the administrator of the channel press to tumble off and an individual injury mishap can happen.

Strange commotion from the channel press

At the point when the channel press makes an unusual clamor, it is conceivable that the engine is maturing and the heap is too weighty to even consider bearing; furthermore, the high-pressure oil siphon is harmed (the high-pressure oil siphon is typically a cylinder siphon); thirdly, the coupling isn’t focused when the water driven station is introduced. The shaft coupling isn’t put accurately will make the engine swing excessively, the heap expands, in this manner making an unusual clamor.


  1. in the event that the engine is genuinely matured, supplant the engine.
  2. on the off chance that the water powered oil is strange or more seasoned, simple to make harm the unclogger, should be supplanted on time.
  3. re-align the shaft coupling.

Inadequate progression of pressure driven framework

The purposes behind deficient stream in the water driven framework are as per the following: the oil siphon doesn’t release oil; the arrangement valve setting pressure is too low or the spool is trapped in the initial position; the oil channel is hindered; the oil tank oil level is too low and the oil siphon sucks up void; the consistency of the water powered oil is excessively huge and it is hard to ingest oil; the parts in the siphon are severely worn and the inner spillage is enormous, so the tension and stream can’t arrive at the evaluated esteem.


  1. assess and fix the oil siphon.
  2. fix the grouping valve.
  3. clean the oil channel.
  4. renew the oil on schedule.
  5. replace the oil or increment the oil temperature.
  6. speedily update or supplant the oil siphon.

The channel press produces slurry showering peculiarity

At the point when the fixing surface of the channel plate edge outline is trapped in the material cake, the channel fabric is harmed and can’t meet the fixing prerequisites or the centralization of the material is too low, the peculiarity of slurry splashing is probably going to happen.


  1. the channel material ought to be cleaned or supplanted.
  2. Increment the feed fixation to 500g/L.

Electrical issue

Wires are not difficult to tumble off, wiring is off-base, parts have helpless contact or parts have been harmed, screws are not screwed immovably, and so forth This multitude of issues will prompt electrical disappointment.


  1. electrical staff should have a strong information on electrical standards, just as a legitimate handle of the fundamental standards and frameworks of the channel press, with the goal that they can take care of the electrical issues of the channel press without really wasting any time when issues happen.
  2. electrical faculty are needed to precisely decide the place of electrical disappointment in view of shortcoming execution so the issue can be tidied up, fixed or supplanted, yet in addition to guarantee that electrical contacts are dependable.
  3. during this period, issue inclined parts ought to be checked as really important to guarantee expedient fix to forestall pointless harm.

These are the normal shortcomings in the activity of the channel press. The reasons for deficiencies can shift because of various workplaces and force. It is prescribed to buy gear from hardware producers with generally speaking plant determination capabilities. In case of a shortcoming in the channel press, the administrator needs to investigate the issue explicitly and investigate it, and counsel the channel press gear maker promptly on the off chance that you experience a complicated and hard to-avoid issue.

Xinhai Mining ‚óŹ Application situations of channel presses

  1. 3 million tpa iron mineral handling plant project in Hebei
  2. 3000tpd gold mineral beneficiation plant project in Henan
  3. 1500tpd copper metal beneficiation plant project in Pakistan
  4. 700tpd gold metal handling plant in Zimbabwe
  5. 700tpd Gold Mine Tailings Dry Drainage Project in Guizhou
  6. 240tpd gold metal handling plant in Sudan
  7. 200tpd Lead Tailings Dry Drainage Project in Bulgaria