1. Construction: Deep furrow metal rollers
  2. Brand Name: UMT, ETC.
  3. Bore Size: 35mm
  4. Outside Diameter: 80mm
  5. Model Number: 2307
  6. Exactness Rating: ABEC-1/P0, ABEC-3/P6, ABEC-5/P5, ABEC-7/P4
  7. Number of Row: Single column
  8. Spot of Origin: Japan
  9. Width: 31mm
  10. Net weight: 0.675G
  11. Material: GCr15 Stainless steel, etc
  12. Type: metal ball
  13. Leeway: C0,C1,C2,C3,C4,C5 and so on
  14. Vibration: V1,V2,V3
  15. Administration: OEM Service and Good Service
  16. Test accessible: Yes
  17. Producer: Yes


balls has two sorts of constructions which are tube shaped bore and tightened bore. The material of the confine can be steel plale or engineered resine and so on Its strength is that its external race are fit as a fiddle, Engineering machinery bearing supplier and with the capacity of self-adjusting. It can fix the blunders brought about by various concentricity and avoidance ,

yet its internal and external ring relative slop isn’t permitted to be more than 3 degrees.

Upper hand:

  1. Quality level: arrive at similar level as the Japanese and European bearings
  2. Resilience level: ABEC-1 (P0), ABEC-3 (P6)
  3. Less coefficient of grinding
  4. High restricting pace
  5. Enormous size range
  6. varieties of construction

1) Best standard quality ensured.

2) CE and ISO 9001 authentication.

3 ) Wear Resisant

4) High accuracy.

5) Esay to introduce


They can be utilized for Transmission framework, gearboxes, wheel centers; Cranes, lift and lifting

gear; Agricultural, siphons, mining; Rail and transport use; General engineering applications;

Marine and Shipping;

The use: Motors, Power instruments, Household machines, Trailers, Casters, Agricultural hardware,

Material machinery, Printing Machinery, Automotive applications, Caravan wheel bearings.

Bearing ring and roller body are chiefly made of high C-Cr bearing steel. Recorded underneath are structures of material for bearing ring and roller body.