As indicated by the arrangement system of the granulating skin on the outside of the FAG bearing, there are two principle factors that greatly affect the pounding skin, in particular crushing warmth and crushing power. On account of the restricted information china Bearing for jaw crushers on the creator, presently in the accompanying sections it will examine why the FAG bearing loses the viability according to the viewpoint of granulating power.

How does the crushing warmth happen? During the granulating interaction, as a result of the hint of pounding haggle piece, the FAG bearing achieves an extraordinary number of energy and crushing warmth. Consequently the piece of the granulating region out of nowhere creates the high temperature. The moment high temperature brings about the oxidization of the functioning surface and different changes like formless creation, high treating, optional extinguishing, breaking, consume, etc. For the disappointment of the FAG bearing, the surface oxide layer, formless tissue layer and high-temper layer are the somewhat fundamental reasons.

The purported surface oxide layer is framed through the response between the steel surface and oxygen noticeable all around under the moment high temperature. The oxide layer is very slight. It is just about 20~30nm. What individuals should focus on is that the thickness of the oxide layer has the comparing connection with the all out thickness of the surface crushing skin. Starting here, it tends to be inferred that the thickness of the oxide layer has an immediate relationship with the granulating innovation. Simultaneously, it is the significant pointer for the nature of the crushing.

Concerning the shapeless tissue layer, it is framed when the functioning surface accomplishes the softening state as a result of the moment high temperature. The softening metal sub-atomic stream is equitably covered on the functioning surface and in the interim it is chilled off at a quick speed by the base metal. The shapeless tissue layer is additionally very meager, yet its hardness and durability are high. Since it has just 10 nanometers, it is extremely simple to be eliminated during the accuracy pounding measure.

The third one is the high-temper layer. In the crushing region the moment high temperature makes the temperature of the surface higher than the temperature for the work-piece’s hardening. Before the temperature isn’t accomplished to the austenitizing temperature, the outside of the FAG bearing achieves the retempering bit by bit with the expansion of the temperature. Simultaneously, the hardness is likewise diminished. The higher the warming up temperature is raised, the more genuine the hardness is diminished.